Our sauces in stores

Bongiovi Brand tomato sauce is the perfect choice for Swiss sales partners who value high-quality and tasty products. This exquisitely prepared tomato sauce is characterized by its premium ingredients and authentic flavors that tantalize the palate. Made according to traditional recipes and with a passion for quality, the Bongiovi Brand tomato sauce offers an incomparable pleasure.

With carefully selected tomatoes and a balanced blend of spices, this sauce embodies Italy's culinary heritage. Their rich aroma and versatility make them a must-have in every kitchen. The Swiss sales partner not only benefits from first-class quality, but also from the Bongiovi brand, which stands for trust and excellence. Whether for pasta, pizza or other dishes – Bongiovi Brand tomato sauce delights discerning connoisseurs and takes every culinary experience to a new level. Bongiovi Brand tomato sauce offers first-class enjoyment for Swiss gourmets. Authentic Italian taste, carefully selected ingredients and versatility make them the perfect choice for discerning palates.